Mission Statement

To develop, design and deliver innovative HR strategies and solutions to meet business growth needs of our clients.

HR Consultancy

Recruitment Consulting- We assist in designing an e-recruitment programme with job-specific questions and tailored application form. We also provide support in designing graduate training programmes, organizing assessment centers, conducting psychometric testing, etc.

We equally provide support in creating on-line applications, designing Graduate Trainee Programmes, Manager’s Fast Track Programme and organizing Assessment Centres for corporate clients.

Whatever the need, we will be able to provide the right solution.

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These courses and development training are delivered through the most effective and convenient methods that blend with client’s dynamic schedule.

“Building an Effective Workforce”


We design and develop creative Management and Capacity Development solutions in our ‘Building an effective Workforce Training for Organizations, Leaders, Business Owners, Schools, Teams, Faith-Based Groups, Community-Based Groups, and individuals.

These impactful training programs and supporting modules are designed as planning tools that help employees and Management Team meet and exceed defined performance standards.

Our sessions are meticulously planned and are designed in a manner geared towards the maximization of efficiency.

We provide training on;

  1. Effective Business Communication.
  2. Time Management & Productivity.
  3. Leadership & Management.
  4. Effective Sales Team.
  5. Team Building/Team Bonding Activities.

Each of the training programmes can be offered as stand-alone training. Just tell us your needs and we will design a training package for you at competitive rates.

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Career Profiling

Professional CV/Résumé writing

At HR Pitch, we have experienced and internationally Certified Résumé Writer who take pride in creating CV/Résumés with focus on general experience and transferable skills.

We assist our clients to write a professional CV that would showcase their skills and potentials in an easy-to-read, logical and crisp format.
We will spend quality time analyzing and assessing your current CV, we will have a one on one meeting with you (using technology or agreed form of communication) to understand your career path.

Our CV Writing Services: One-on-One Session, Career Summary/Profile, Personal Details, Professional Layout & Design, Key Strengths, Education/Certification, Work History.

Cover letter writing

We take pride in customizing Cover Letters for specific job applications, job descriptions, requirements skill sets and industries.
Every Cover Letter is tailored towards the relevant keywords and phrases to present client’s skills and expertise in the most applicable way possible, specifying client’s unique ability to fill the position.

Linkedin optimization

At HR Pitch, we are committed to designing a professionally written LinkedIn profile that will brand you as an expert in your field. Our service includes a consultative meeting to gather the information needed to create a well-crafted and comprehensive profile that can be used to market your skills immediately.

LinkedIn Service Provided include Engaging Headline, Captivating Background Picture, Customized LinkedIn URL, Impactful Summary, Professional Experience, Skills & Expertise, Education, Certification, Honors & Award, Projects, Publications, Contact Information, Organizations/Memberships and other Accomplishments and Additional Profile Sections.

Career coaching

Our seasoned Career Coaches/Experts assist professionals in identifying personal goals, developing leadership skills, providing guidance for career development, creating work-life balance, setting short-term and long-term goals, adopting productivity-time management and attaining self-discovery.
We offer business and career coaching services to professionals/business owners who….

  1. Are ready to explore and understand how to achieve more work-life balance.
  2. Are struggling with current career or trying to find the right one.
  3. Are ready to Identify and boost strengths, minimise weaknesses.
  4. Want to set meaningful goals and take action.
  5. Want to discover what they need to start doing in the next 3 months to achieve 5-10 year goals.
  6. Want to evaluate where they are, connect with themselves, get things done and make positive changes – faster!
  7. Need help in transforming, prioritizing and making better use of the time.
  8. Need to boost your self-confidence and self-awareness.

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